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Life is Pants

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Musings

As we all watch nervously for the economic indicators of feast or famine, we might once again consider the theory of famous American Economist Alan Greenspan.

Greenspan’s believed that the only sure way to determine the direction of the economic wind was to look at the sales of men’s underpants.

He believed that when the head of the household (husband/father) began to feel that his family’s economic future was under threat, he would stop buying new underpants. The reasoning being that most people outside his immediate family would be unlikely to ever see these items.

Outwardly, things would continue as normal. The kids would get new shows, the car would be cleaned, but pants a little frayed around the edges told of a pending credit crunch.

Now this theory is fine until to apply it to the exploits of our two most famous super heroes Superman and Batman, both of whom are keen promoters of wearing pants outside their tights.

Have you ever seen either of these two in scruffy pants. No, and that must lead us to one of two conclusions. Either these two heroes whom we have held so close to our hearts for many years, are keeping up appearances and diverting our attention while economic meltdown looms. Or, Mr Greenspan’s theory does not hold up any more than pants without elastic.

Watch for the thrilling next instalment folks.

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