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Mouth-watering street food, delicious groceries, speciality drinks, craft beers and ales, ciders & more!


Beautiful ethically produced and handmade crafts, gifts, jewellery, art and accessories.


Includes fairground rides, story-telling, face painting and activity booklets.


Talented local musicians and acts from further afield performing across a range of genres.


Family orientated events with an emphasis on locally produced items.

Welcome to Zoom Events

The leading themed market and event specialists

Christmas Market Stall
Christmas Decoration
Broadstairs stall with lights
Grocery Food Wine and Cheese

We are all set for Christmas!



From International Food & Drink Festivals in green spaces to vibrant Street Markets in urban centres, Zoom Events prides itself on delivering original and entertaining events that are enjoyable by all.



What a lovely range of traders: the most amazing French garlic sausage, sheep and goat milk cheeses, a lovely tomato and paprika chutney to incorporate in homemade pies. Then there was the Turkish guys with baklava, garlic and olives. Are you doing any more events in this area?



Our events provide the opportunity for whole communities to come together, with an emphasis on local products from local traders, a range of attractions and a fantastic atmosphere there is something for all the family!



This is something you’ll certainly find at our events! Local, national and international street food, groceries, artisan crafts and accessories, live music, children’s entertainment, festival bar and more!

Plastic Policy

It’s important to us to do our bit for the environment and as a company we always use bio-degradable and plastic alternatives were possible and encouraging our traders to do the same. We encourage visitors to bring re-usable carrier bags along as we’re sure you won’t be going home empty handed!


Food, drink, crafts, children’s entertainment, music – whatever you offer, if you feel you fit with our ethos we’d love to hear from you! Register for any of our events here.

Hand made wooden garden furniture
Covid aware managed safety events
Hythe Summer Market and a selection of wines
Artisan stall with stained glass stars