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East & West Sussex

From the Seven Sisters shorline to the Rolling Downs, seaside piers and numerous historic locations Sussex offers days out for all.

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Please click on the EVENT PAGE link/button below each location to see the web page and comprehensive information for each event. Further updates will be posted as soon as we have confirmed bookings in the area.

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Eastbourne Grand Parade Markets for 2021

East Sussex
April – August 2021

Our sixth season on the Grand Parade.



West Sussex
01/07/2021 – 04/07/2021

Visit Steyne Gardens for another corking Zoom Event!



East Sussex
27/08/2021 – 30/08/2021

The FreeWheelin FEASTival is an exciting fun filled weekend



West Sussex

Another Zoom Event in Priory Park!

Zoom Events was formed with the specific goal of delivering events that bring communities together. We select our venues and locations carefully focusing on those that have a special place in the hearts of the local population. We combine colour, character and creative content in our formula for family focused fun. 

Paul Kennedy

Director, Market Square Group & Zoom Events

Calling all Zoom Events Visitors!

Calling all Zoom Events Visitors!

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